Saturday, March 27, 2010


JARB (just another rock band) is the brainchild of bagus pratama, what started as a 90s rock/alternative rock cover band in early 2004 with bagus pratama on guitars and vocals, bramasta juan sasongko on bass and vocals, and fadhil patra on drums have long evolved to a more serious project with the addition of molen kasetra on vocals in late-2009.

Covering bands like silverchair, smashing pumpkins, stone temple pilots, foo fighters, queens of the stone age and several other 90s bands for some years have enriched their musical arsenals, thus given them the inspirations needed to create their own materials. JARB is planning to release their album mid-2010.

To promote their upcoming album, JARB has released the single ‘wahana psikadelia’ as a free download, accessible through :