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At Sinjitos Studio, we believe in possibilities. To us each second of music contains endless potential, this belief brings us together and forms the solid base for our company. We see our purpose in bringing life to music, and bringing music to lives. Our passion and belief fuels our exciting endeavour towards a future full of music. Our approach is one that is organic and dynamic. Thus, we adapt at a rapid rate to the paces of the modern industry. Each piece of music -the currency we deal inpresents unique demands, we strive to provide a working pipeline that embraces all sides of the industry, from artists to listeners and everyone in between. In this document, we offer snapshots of our approach to business and the exciting journey so far, as well as our next steps.

We hope this site will provide you with a glimpse of what drives us and our commitment to bring music into the lives of anybody anywhere.

Sinjitos Studio is already famous for recorded some of the finest music this country produced in the last few years, thanks to the combination of state-of-the-art recording technology, with digital and vintage analog technology, and supported by experienced producers and engineers. Albums from Santamonica, Monkey to Millionaire, and The Porno have been highly acclaimed for their production values, among other aspects. Some of the other highly regarded albums that were recorded in SInjitos Studios are debut albums from Teenage Death Star, Amazing In Bed, Ghaust, Holy City Rollers, C’mon Lennon, and many more.


Sinjitos Records is a music label, which was formed by six friends and fellow musicians with similar vision of offering eclecticism and variety into the saturated Indonesian music scene. It was started as an outlet to release the music by Sinjitos Studio regulars before finally evolving into a legitimate label in 2007. Unlike many labels that limited themselves on releasing music within a specified genre, we are keen on releasing good music with variety of sound and style. We are also distributing many releases by other labels along with the ones from our own artists as well.

For such a young label, Sinjitos Records has some of the most impressive releases in recent years among its roster. Its first release, Gugun And The Bluesbug's "Turn In On" is well-received among critics and music fans, and listed as one of the best local releases in 2007 by Rolling Stone Indonesia. Since, they have been touring the United Kingdom three times and playing hugely-received shows in countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Santamonica's "Curiouser and Curiouser" is nominated and won several awards for magazines and other media and has build a strong presence in overseas music scenes in Southeast Asia and Japan. Monkey to Millionaire’s “Lantai Merah” also has been hailed by fans and media as one candidate for the best releases in 2009.

Other than producing and distribution musicians in its own roster, Sinjitos Records is also distributing albums from other bands as well such as Amazing in Bed’s self titled album, Adrian Adioetomo’s Delta Indonesia, Whisper Desire’s Cerah Berawan, Ghaust’ self titled album, and Imagi' self titled album.

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