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The Porno is a post-punk band formed in Pondok Gede, Indonesia in 2004. The most distinctive feature of the band is its late 70's post-punk constant, heart-thumping rhythm which built around noisy and dissonant walls of distortion. The band got its name from Interpol’s NYC lyrics; “…subway she is a porno, pavements they are a mess…”

Contact us at:
08111907903 (Leo)

or just simply message us here in myspace.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Denial were possibly the most out-bursting collective arose in Jakarta in recent years. They are the latest familiar sound you long to hear. These Indonesian locals took their tentative steps in 2004 and become rather sure of what they are delivering today. Most bands stayed over romantic, illogically robotics, or even provoking loads of anger. This pack of talents releases it, not creating it. That is what makes them distinct from other artists: their angst-releasing music.
Initially, Denial was a four piece band. Now, they have more heads to simply bear more noise onto their projection of art. Denial are Toni (Vocal,Guitar), Benedict Pardede (Guitar), Gobe (Drums), Inezs Maheswari (Tambourine), Resi (Bass), and Ainjia Paat (Violin). The six of them then gave birth to such thrilling sound. Their modus operandi is at our very eyes: they have enough awareness about banalities of everyday life in the city, they gather up the remaining of our issues, and then formed numbers of loud liberating songs out of it. They genuinely live for and in the music.
This noise rock outfit captured multitude of musicians throughout particular eras in their performance. You might find it instantly from what they wear: leather jackets, boots, even their attitudes. But, it would not be a matter of concern once they hit the stage. All things aside, what you will hear, see, and feel would not be the appearance, but the splendorous feedbacks, robust layers of instruments, and soul-shivering vocal. The music is so strong, you will leave the brutal reality and then strikes back with euphoric spirit. They will release their debut album on April 2010.


Monday, January 18, 2010


Like their hometown Jakarta, Roman Foot Soldiers is a blend of many eccentric musical characters. Such contrasts however didn’t produce a clash of creativity, but it did inspire the group to pursue a sound unique enough to satisfy all band members’ appetite.
As for the name of the band, it represents both their fascination for epic war films and solidarity. Six distinct pieces brought together by a common cause: a passion for music.

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Black Mustangs consists of six guys who has devoted their music to Psychedelic Rock Music between the 60's and 90's.
Minor shoegazing sounds could be heard from 3 guitars mix with funk drowning bass guitar combine with psychedelic drum beats with a nice and sweet tambourine sound and soulful vocal tone.
This will take you far from what you could ask for. It's your prerogative how far this can take you, a trip of "fun Psychedelic tone and a little bit of rock journey"...So cheers and enjoy your journey with us.


Was found in 2005 by Dawny Bayu Amianto(Vocal) who is a former vocalist of Jun Fun Gung Foo and Marchell Arnold(Bass) who happened to have similar taste in music. They came up with an idea to form a “back to basic” ska band. A kind of ska that was born back in the 60s.

After a while, other names came up to fill in the line up. They were Rachmadian ’Dhani’ Ramdhani(Ex-Straightout), who was a blues influenced guitarist, Zendy Bramantya(Jun Fun Gung Foo) and Zenis(In Ska We Trust) to fill in for the saxophones, Wally on drums and Dama ‘Ceky’ Mandey(7 Deadly Sins) as a keyboardist.

The name The Authentics was instantly found and agreed to be the name of the band in the beginning of the first rehearsal. It was because we wanted to have the authentic sound just as the first wave ska bands sounded like and also because we wanted to have the originality and the authenticity of our various characteristics, but yet still have the passion for unity in the band.

In 2007, Zenis resigned from the band to focus on his out of town work. And also Wally, who wanted to become a dentist in the other side of the island. Therefore, The Authentics needed to find other people to fill in as an additional player. Fajar Arifan(currently a drummer of Alexa) filled in for the drums for a few gigs but got too busy with his own band, so his place was taken over by Dias Darmawan(Maddening Pace’s drummer). As for the brass section, Agustinus ‘Dika’ Panji Mardika and Andreas ‘Ucok’ Pardede currently fill in for trumpet and trombone.

In the early days, The Authentics started their performance by covering songs from The Skatalites, Hepcat, The Slackers, Mr. T Bone, etc who are referred as a first-wave ska bands. As time goes by they started to make their own music. Writing danceable Ska songs that are simple, fun and friendly with a touch of Swing, Soul, and Blues, which are known to have the same root in music.

The Authentics are currently recording an album that is planned to be released in around March-April 2010. Keep yourselves updated! Cause one thing to know for sure-It is guaranteed that the music of The Authentics will move your heart and soul to get your asses off the chairs, on your feet and to shake ‘em ALL NIGHT LONG!

Current Members:
- Arnold (Bass)
- Dawny (Vocals)
- Dani (Guitar & Backing Vocal)
- Zendi (Saxophone & Backing Vocal)
- Ceky (Keyboards & Backing Vocal)

Additional Members:
- Diaz (Drums)
- Ucok (Trombone)
- Dika (Trumpet)

+62-8179807777(ANDREAS WULLUR)
e-mail :

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Band Members: johan sihotang (vocal.trumpet.keys, synth & believing). jogiara hutagalung (drums & styling). tri ardi mahendra (alto, tenor saxophone & keeping passion). erick yudhistira (bass & let alive). prioutomo (acoustic &electric guitar, synth, programming & birthing poetry). sara salim (vocal.back voc & love)...and you (believing good musiq). un soirée & the family church. this musiqal family. enjoy.


Group ini berdiri pada Juni 2009 di Jakarta. Terdiri dari kakak beradik Yudhi (vocal & drum) dan Destha (guitar), teman sekampus Miki (guitar) dan Reza (bass). Pada tahun 1999, Yudhi dan Miki pernah mendirikan group duo bernama Buffe, yang pada tahun 2004 mengeluarkan album selftitled dibawah label Resswara Music Indonesia (RMI). Pada akhir tahun 2003 Yudhi jg bergabung dengan group emo-punk bernama Soulfulsonic bersama Destha dan Reza. Menyadari bahwa music pop memiliki keanekaragaman warna, Yudhi, Destha, Miki, dan Reza sepakat bergabung dalam satu band, dan mengambil elemen musik pop yang lebih fun dan sing along. Sinatera terinspirasi oleh Benfolds Five, Harvey’s danger, Billy Joel, The Buggles, The Beatlles, dll. Mereka ingin merasakan nostalgia atmosfer music pop era 80’an, pada masa Vina panduwinata membawakan lagu-lagu karya (alm) Dodo zakaria dan juga karya-karya dari mendiang Chrisye. Sinatera mengangkat tema lagu berdasarkan dari kehidupan sosial dan film.
Hear the music, sing with SINATERA…

Contact person:
-Destha (081317222297)
-Miki (0811196010)

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The Band : Angga Pradana on Drum Aldhan Prasatya on Keys Andhika Triyadi on Bass Kemal Maharsa on Guitar

Contact us :
DAYDREAM Inc. Allvino A. Tamaela Mobile : +62 819 3300 2344
Email :

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Thanks to UCMJ (an official music and dance community of Atma Jaya University Jakarta, Indonesia) that helped these quite long story began and continues, because all of the former and current members of the band were also the part of this community.

Early 2003, Anthon, Nico and Arya decided to form a band that inspired by the british-rock music such as radiohead, muse, placebo and coldplay. it was called "susukentalmanis (SKM)". At that time, Bass and drums position filled by the additional players.

Late 2003, Rofan asked to join with the band as a permanent player. Not so long after, Hendra also asked to join with the band. But in the early 2005 there were a problem with the early vision of the band,so then 'susukentalmanis (SKM)' becomes to an end.

But because Anthon, hendra and Rofan were still got the same vision to play music together, so then in the late 2006 they recruited Andy to start a new band and they call themself "NOL".

But again in the early 2007 there were a problem with the early vision of the band,so then "NOL" becomes to an end.But because Anthon, Rofan and Andy were still got the same vision to play music together, they decided to start a new band again on Mid 2007 and they call themself "STEREO CONSPIRACY".

Mid 2008, they recruited Andreas "Pudel" into the family to held the position as a permanent bassist.


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Dried Cassava was founded in Jakarta 14 April 2005, by 4 students from Pangudi Luhur high school; Baskoro Adhi Juwono, Nandie Daniel Febrian, Bana Drestanda, And Kago Mahardono. Dried Cassava is influence by the sound of funk blues alternative rock. The band began with playing Rage Against The Machine, INCUBUS, RADIOHEAD songs in music event at Jakarta music event. On the next year, Dried Cassava start to create their own songs. On 2007, Dried Cassava record 3 songs for CD demo “Be Myself”, “New Life”, “This Life is Full of Pressure.”

On 2008, Dried Cassava was involved in LA Lights Indiefest 2008, their song “Be Myself” was 100 top list in LA Lights Indiefest. On mid-2009, “Be Myself” was the number 1 in Indopendent chart at 101.4 TraxFm radio. Dried Cassava was on the chart for 7 weeks in a row. Now, after 4 years Dried Cassava live in Indonesia indie music industries their began to make their first album. On this year, all the album material is complete and Dried Cassava will enter the recording studio in mid-2010.

Wait and see!

Baskoro Adhi Juwono - Vocal,Guitar
Netherland/13 December 1989, Male.
Influence by Silverchair, Tori Amos , bob dylan.
Music background Alternative rock, Ethnic blues, Funk.

Nandie Daniel Febrian - Lead guitar
Jakarta/21 February 1989, Male.
Influence by Radiohead, Incubus, Extreme .
Music background Alternative rock, Funk, Blues.

Bana Drestanta - Bass
Jakarta/13 December 1988, Male.
Influence by Muse, Placebo.
Music background Alternative rock, Funk, Electronic rock.

Kago Mahardono - Drum
Jakarta/7 November 1989, Male.
Influence by Dream Theater, Incubus.
Music background Progressive rock, Alternative rock, Funk.

Just be a fan of Dried Cassava in:

For contact information and booking agent, please contact:
- Nicky Sutandi : 081932430110
- Rizki Caesar : 085692671185/ 021-98500780


Menu' Hentiasanti is the vocalist. Along her journey, she has experienced as backing vocal with several musicians such as Maliq & d'Essentials, Marcell, Andien, etc. She is a lead singer for Bali Lounge 2. Currently she performs regularly at BlackCat, a jazz-club in Jakarta where she sings jazz-standard and bossanova tunes.

Aldhan Prasatya is the keyboardist. He currently joins 2 bands, namely Storia & Jazzyphonic and also a session player in RAN. He has a chip tune band called dzytrx.

Somewhere along their way they met, chatted, and agreed to make an easy listening pop music project yet in their unique own way. They called it sunshine club. This is their work. More will come up soon. Hopefully it can brighten up your day.

Check this out :
Contact us :

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Formed in the middle of ’98, we start experienced the sound of many bands that we know from our parents. For a couple of years we played those songs, we kind a bored and start making our own sounds and music till now. Basically were just playing a simple rock and maybe with a little touch of blues, funk, and a little bit of light jazz …you decide

CONTACT US: 08121335739 / 081573140173 / 081932851462

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Flyafter is a group of creative artists who have chosen music as their work of art. Flyafter was formed back in the year 2004, which at that moment the band had to survive with only 2 personnel. They were Hanan and Rully. The two of them have been best friends and played music together since their early years. Along with their developing skills, they started to create and modification music art. That before they decided to make their own kind of music. They used to play British Indie and Norwegian Alternatives type of music when they started out as a band. The reason was because there were only the two of them and they were using computerized effects and additional sound for their music. Eventually they have created 3 songs of their own, which have been recorded and have became their masterpiece for their live performances. They described their music as the combination of acoustic and electronic. That is why their friends described them as electronic music group. Their demos have been played on air all over Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta. And also in those cities,they were often asked to perform there. In the year 2005, Flyafter recruited another personnel,whose name was also Rully. But everybody called him, "A'a".
A'a had a major roll in making Flyafter to become more alive.From that moment, the band was making progress. Until finally Flyafter has formed its own management. In the year 2008, the band stopped its activities, in order for all the personnel to finish their college education. But one year later,the band was back in business. The band even created and performed more than ever, that was for the fans from all over the world. For the record, the band has done wrapping their first album,"make me sleep".
You can find Flyafter's address and phone number given in their profile if any of you would like to contact them.
Thanks for your response ,,
Enjoy Flyafter ,, Enjoy our music ,,

Soon Flyafter Limited EP album "Make me sleep" on early 2010....

Rully Fahrezzy - Guitar and Vocal
Hannan Jaya - Conceptor, Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, R3
Rully Luandri - Electribe, KP3 and Mixer

Flyafter Band Members Contact : Hannan (0815-863-17800), (
Flyafter Media Publication :
Echa ( or Rully ( )
Flyafter Visualizator : Tio

or for another info just go to this link..

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Inspired by the sounds of 90’s alternative rock, Monkey to Millionaire got their break after placed themselves as one of the finalists in LA Light Indiefest II band competition, and their song “Rules and Policy” was set as the first single from the compilation album resulted from the competition. The songs won the attentions of music fans nationwide and soon after the single broke into the radio, they found themselves playing shows in cities all over Indonesia. Their self-titled EP that was released in 2006 also has established Monkey to Millionaire as one of the most promising new bands in Indonesia.

In 2008, they entered the studio to record their debut album “Lantai Merah”. Their pre-release single from the album, “Merah that distributed freely on the Internet was received with high acclaims from fans, generating 8,000 downloads in the first three months alone.
When “Lantai Merah” finally released on May 2009, Expectations are already mounting and the album was very much hailed by fans and the media as one of the best albums of the year so far, thanks to their catchy and quality songs, vast improvement in their musicality and their unique lyrical approaches. Currently, the band is planning a mini-tour in Java area to further introducing their infectious power pop sound to even wider audiences.

Both singles from the album “Replika” and “Strange is the Song in Our Conversation” are proven to be a success in gaining airplays in national radios. Both songs stayed for a long time in Casanova FM Bali Top 10 chart and “Strange…” hit the number one in 99ners FM both in Jakarta and Bandung. “Replika” also featured in Istara FM Surabaya Top 10 in 7th position in December 2008, before the album even released.

Wisnu Bramono Adji - vocals, guitar.
Agan Sudrajat - bass, vocals.
Emir Kharsadi - drums.

Booking contact : Leo +62 8111907903

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Formed in early August 2005 (Jakarta, Indonesia). With only two members, Ghaust is now restoring an Heavy Instrumental composition to it's authority! The improvisation of the sound range from metal, post rock, hardcore punk, etc been combine together in perfect blend. Their self titled debut album release under Purbaharuan recordings (CD) and third arm records (Cassette), was superbly recorded and among the best local releases in 2008.

Members :
1.Uri A. Putra - Guitar
2.M. Edward - Drums

Discography :
1.Ghaust | Demo[Live] | 2006 | CD-R | Self-Released
2.Ghaust | 600335/047545 | 2007 | CD-R | Self-Released
3.Ghaust | Ghaust | 2008 | CD | Purbaharuan Recordings
4.Ghaust | Ghaust | 2009 | Cassette | Third Arm Records


In 1996 Aria and friends together with Limbas formed a band called Fenomena whose members were still going to school at SMKN 57 Ragunan, Jakarta. As time went by, the band went through many changes of formation. Then, in 2007, Aria together with Irfan invited Fajar and Bowo to form the band LONELY MONA. Now, in 2008, Eko the guitarist joined to further intensify the existence of the band.


Teenage Death Star is a band formed in Bandung Indonesia since late 2001. Combining touch of rock n roll with feedback noise, crunchy riff guitar, atmosphere of 70's punk to maximum raw power. They wasting their times for almost 6 years and below FFCUTS Records, they will be release their debut full length album called 'Longway To Nowhere'.

Pre-order to satan, soon!

So far Sir Dandy Harrington is still in his horrible voice, Alvin is still in his backwash noise, Hell-V is still in his crunch killer-riffs, Firman is still in his skill-esque beatin' drum & we hope Sat NB will still at his up/down unbeaten bass.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Traffic jam, poverty, hedonists heaven, diverse and fragile. Working environments are sometimes becoming a hell for a lot of working class citizen. Five young artist who also had their daily jobs as journalists, NGO worker, Banking officer and freelancertries to absorb these conditions and expressing it through their music. With different influences ranging from Yeah yeah yeahs, The Who, Bjork, Deep Purple, Elastica, Sleater Kinney, Weezer, Radiohead and a lot more, they try to translate their own melodies, words, notes, attitude and performances. They formed this band, Amazing in Bed, as an escape from the stressful living environment. Just like drugs, they try to be addictive to those who listen to their music. So just enjoy this, coz you got tons of work to do tomorrow and you'll have to get back to that awfully unhealthy stressful life...

Vembi Wiraseba - Drum
Aldien Haekalani - Guitar
Lani Leyli- Vocal
Nicko Krisna - Guitar
Pondra Novara - Bass

Booking info: Arif - 0811.190.8821/(021) 9923.4979 []


In 2001, when Joseph Saryuf returned home to Jakarta after studying in Hamburg, Germany, he decided to become a full-time musician and starting to compose songs for his own music project. Not long after that, Joseph met Anindita, a fashion editor and freelance illustrator, and they formed a duo based on their similar taste in music and their love for analog sounds.

Established in 2003, Santamonica is the brainchild of duo Joseph Saryuf and Anindita. Described their sound as the musical version of a trip down to Alice In Wonderland adventures, it is an eclectic mixture of pop, bossanova, electronic, and classic waltz which drawing influences from Astrud Gilbeto, Antonio Jobim, My Bloody Valentine to classic Disney soundtracks.

Their music is distinguished by its multi-layered sound, Joseph's surreal guitar works and Anindita's unique voice and whimsical lyrics. These dynamic duo is also actively gracing various gigs and stages, gaining more followers with the bands unique sound and stage antics.

In September 2005, Santamonica released their first EP titled '189' to stamp their name in the local music scene and as a warm up prior to the release of the bands full-length album. The EP includes three songs, ”Please Say Yes”, “Sought and Found”, and “Serenade of Yellow Park” which drew strong influences from bossa nova greats such as Astrud Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Other than the release of '189' EP, they have played in many respectable gigs around Jakarta and Bandung, such as PL Fair, La Voila, and Indonesia's biggest music festival Soundrenaline. From their inceptions, they have gathered fans both locally and overseas, thanks to their unique sound, dynamic live performance and exposures from their Myspace site.

They also took part in two compilation albums, Pop Shower (2003, Quince Records Japan) and Todays Of Yesterday (2005, Bad Sectors Records). After two years of grueling process, Santamonica's full-length debut 'Curiouser and Curiouser' finally released in November 2007, under Sinjitos Records. In this album, Santamonica had shifted their musical direction from bossa nova to an eclectic mixture of electro-pop, modern jazz. They described their new sound as the musical version of a trip down to Alice in Wonderland, when listeners can expect a roller coaster of musical journey accompanied with the band's trademark whimsical lyrics. One month after the release, “Curiouser and Curiouser” received many positive reviews in local music magazines and websites, cited as one of “Best Album in 2007” from Trax Magazine (and Trax editors’ favorite albums in 2007), including a nomination as “Best Album in 2007” from Free! Magazine and a nomination at AMI Awards 2007 Indonesia as “Best Alternative Recordings 2006 -2007”. Rolling Stone Indonesia awarded Santamonica as “Best Breakthrough Artist in 2007” and “Curiouser and Curiouser” also received “Best Album for 2008”, and “The Best Album Packaging for 2008” from the same magazine.

After the release of the album, Santamonica played in several high-profile shows such of Electro Syncronizer with Telefon Tel Aviv, Java Jazz 2008, PL Fair 2008, and Beatfest 2008 with The Whitest Boy Alive and DJ Steve Aoki. Santamonica also headlined with Fugu in Melody of Life Festival 2008 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Recently, Santamonica just got signed by JVC-Victor Japan. They will release “Curiouser and Curiouser” album in Japan in 2009.

For people who live outside of Indonesia and interested in getting our songs, now you can get them at iTunes

SANTAMONICA are Anindita & Joseph Saryuf
Booking contact : Leo +62 8111907903

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Late 2005 Mesa, Daniel, Andre, Shada, Soma decide to form a band that
inspired by the songwriting of John Lennon, Pete Doherty, and Jullian Casablancas,
it was called Intruders.
But in the early 2006 there's a problem with the early vision of the band,
so then 'Intruders' becomes to an and. But because Mesa, Shada, Andre, Soma
were still got the same vision
to play music together, so then they recruited Ande in July 2006
to start a new band and they called themself The Guide.
but then they decided to change their name into HOLY CITY ROLLERS.

Period july 2006 - december 2007, Holy City Rollers's have made
many wonderfull experiences besides performed with lots of an extraordinary
indonesian musicians, France, and Denmark Musician,
Holy City Rollers have choose as the "Gulali Artist of the Month" on February 2007,
and Scored on the indie film called "Foto, Kotak, dan Jendela" (Vino G. Bastian,
Christian Sugiono, & Dinar) which was in Jiffest 2006
then OST Radit & Jani (Vino G. Bastian & Fahrani) Jan 2008 in cinemas.

All the songs of Holy City Rollers for the 1st albumb in 2008
are recorded, mixed, and mastered by
Joseph Saryuf (Sinjitos / Leader of the band called Santamonica)
for about a year since July 2006.

Holy City Rollers Management :
Jl.Pejaten Barat 2 No.58C
South Jakarta - Indoensia
Contact :
Junior +62818481155
Andrey +02199674299


Three years have passed since the release of “Delta Indonesia”, the debut album from Adrian Adioetomo, but the blues craze have only just begun. Under the label-namesake MySeeds records, Adrian released his album back in 2007. This album marked a statement of individuality among the Indonesian music scene, which seemed to have been divided by two; The Industry, and the Independent.

Based on the delta-blues of the 1930’s, Delta Indonesia rogued away from any genres that have previously settled in Indonesia. ‘Delta’ is in no way a mainstream album, but neither it is a typical “indie” release of post-alternative music. This album is filled with delta-grit, lonesome singing, tricky slide-guitar playing, and downright gut-felt lyrics. The decidedly ‘vintage’ production aims more towards a stature of replica than to declare anything ‘retro’. Elected as one of the best albums to come out in 2007 by Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine, Delta Indonesia presented the wide audience with an intervention between the 1930 Mississippi and pre-independent Indonesia.

Recently, the blues-craze is sweeping the nation. It’s a trend built up from the accumulation of collective-interests in a genre not popular among the pop-culture industry. But curiosity lead the way to a brand new search of a century-old music, and Adrian has managed to present prime sampler in his first album late 2007. His performances are also a testament of this pioneering effort. Without a doubt, the blues craze has been a blessing in disguise for Adrian. Many now seek to watch his performance wanting to know what the blues would be like onstage without questioning the kind of music he’s playing.

Hype aside, Adrian will always try to present the music as he only knows how. And that is to channel the blues in its spirit and its most pure essence. Not just to rely on the staple rhythm and scales per-se, but also to express the feeling and inspiration in new and more explorative way. One can hope to see that coming, hopefully in his second album to be released during the dry season of 2010 (around March).

Tagor Siagian : +62 816 806 522

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Okay, so let me clarify here, this page is just a fan page to tributes Indonesian most fascinatingly cult shoegaze band, named Sugarstar. and none of the Sugarstar members run this page, please notice that. the reason why i made this page for them, nothing more than my great appreciation for their extraordinary music. they had released few materials in some indie compilations, but they disbanded the band to soon. before releasing any full album. but their lost songs could be found in many shoegaze blogs, and yes, some of the tracks dont have the titles. for everyone who have been witnessed their acts on the stage, really the most lucky person, watched how cool as fuck their music was. i don't have much records about their band history, so please if you know something, or perhaps you're the ex-members of this band, be kindly to spare your precious experience about this marvellous band. :) (

Saturday, January 2, 2010


We would like to announce that C'mon Lennon is officially disbanded and no longer existed. Due to personnel changes and managerial decisions and other reasons including creative visions, we decided not to make any further music project under C'mon Lennon's name. Thank you for all supports through out those wonderful years. But no need for you all to sad and worry because our music still continues as we form a new band called "CITIZEN" with fresh new musical ideas to entertain you all and keep making contribution to Indonesia's music scene. We hope you still support us just the way it used to be and kept those wonderful memories alive!!!

CITIZEN is planning to release its first official release near end of this year. We are currently in the studio burning joints and making great music. We’re gonna put some upcoming materials in Myspace for preview and sheer enjoyment.

for further information please do contact us @
CITIZEN management

Aldi "aBg" 08159662601