Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Denial were possibly the most out-bursting collective arose in Jakarta in recent years. They are the latest familiar sound you long to hear. These Indonesian locals took their tentative steps in 2004 and become rather sure of what they are delivering today. Most bands stayed over romantic, illogically robotics, or even provoking loads of anger. This pack of talents releases it, not creating it. That is what makes them distinct from other artists: their angst-releasing music.
Initially, Denial was a four piece band. Now, they have more heads to simply bear more noise onto their projection of art. Denial are Toni (Vocal,Guitar), Benedict Pardede (Guitar), Gobe (Drums), Inezs Maheswari (Tambourine), Resi (Bass), and Ainjia Paat (Violin). The six of them then gave birth to such thrilling sound. Their modus operandi is at our very eyes: they have enough awareness about banalities of everyday life in the city, they gather up the remaining of our issues, and then formed numbers of loud liberating songs out of it. They genuinely live for and in the music.
This noise rock outfit captured multitude of musicians throughout particular eras in their performance. You might find it instantly from what they wear: leather jackets, boots, even their attitudes. But, it would not be a matter of concern once they hit the stage. All things aside, what you will hear, see, and feel would not be the appearance, but the splendorous feedbacks, robust layers of instruments, and soul-shivering vocal. The music is so strong, you will leave the brutal reality and then strikes back with euphoric spirit. They will release their debut album on April 2010.